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A Student’s Guide Through Orientation Week

Written by Christine Rees

Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash

First-year students tend to get nervous about the first week of school, so let us ease your anxiety. Orientation week is filled with excitement and new beginnings! Along with tons of learning to do, there’s also a bunch of activities to partake in. What should you expect during Orientation Week? 

Moving Day

first week, pivot!

All right, it’s time to move. This may sound like a tedious, laboring job BUT you can decorate your area however you want and make it yours. String up some twinkly lights and fluff out those cozy blankets for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you’re in need of ideas, check out Dorm Room Decor: Decorating Your Student Living Space. Basically, this is your fresh start to have a clean slate and begin anew. 

Besides, it won’t be so bad loading everything you own into a tiny dorm room (just kidding). But you know what is fun? Meeting all of your floormates! You’re about to be surrounded by new friends. 

Residence Living

orientation week, dorm rooms

Okay, dorm room living is not glamorous. You may find it crammed with everything you thought to bring (even if you don’t need it). However, you’re always surrounded by people. Even if you’re not a social butterfly, you can pop out of your room cocoon once and a while to socialize before hiding away again. The best part is you don’t need to go far to make new friends. You have neighbours on either side of you! If you’re still not feeling comfortable with the idea of living in residence, continue reading How To Survive Residence Life As A Party Hamster

You’ll Bond With New Friends Over The Weirdest Things

post it notes

Seriously. My best friend and I bonded over a shared admiration for our attractive TA. To today, we still look back on those days and laugh. So whether you find yourself bonding over a love of tea, country music, Gilmore Girls, digestive cookies, makeup choices or whatever else you’re into—there’s someone out there who loves that stuff just as much as you do. And you’re randomly going to find them that first week.

You’ll Forget Something SUPER Important

forgetful kirsten bell

This one’s inevitable. Whether it’s your toothbrush, notebooks or face wash, you’re bound to forget something that’s absolutely essential. And you’ll need to go out and replace it. When I first moved into my dorm room, my roommate forgot her pillow. Luckily I had two so I could share until she got hers back. You never know what you’ll forget until it’s too late!

Get Those Class Schedules

genuis plan!

With everything going on, learning about your classes may not seem like a top priority, but you’re there for school. Take the opportunity to figure out where your classes are on campus so you’re not frantically running around the following week. 

Student Discounts

bank account's condition

There, I said it. SAVE MONEY WHILE YOU CAN AND EMBRACE ALL STUDENT DISCOUNTS. I missed out on this opportunity for the first few months of school and highly regret it. Use that student card to your advantage!

Find Your Style

let's do a makeover!

If you went to a high school that enforced uniforms (like mine did) then you’ll be ENTIRELY grateful to finally wear your own clothes. You can show off your style and try out new ones without feeling all the judgment from those high school days. You might even buy a new wardrobe for the occasion!

You’ll Probably Remember Nothing

what just happened

I’m not saying you’ll be so drunk that you’ll forget everything. That may be the case sometimes, but even soberly I only remember snippets of what I did that first week of university. Orientation week (or Frosh Week) is a whirlwind of activities that, looking back, all sort of mash together into one giant pile of fun. 

So, get ready to enjoy every minute of it!


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