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The Entrepreneurial Transformation: From Student to Running Her Own Company

Written by Connor Briggs-Morris
entrepreneurial transformation student works

Discover how Jessica Franzman, a first-time entrepreneur, transformed her life as a result of the coaching form Student Works.

If you’re planning for your future career, you should listen to the Leaders of Tomorrow podcast. It’s where you can find insider tips and interviews from the 8-figure Student Works Management Program to help you realize your potential and succeed in your dream career.

We recently checked out a must-listen episode for students who are new to business and entrepreneurship. You can listen now or keep reading for a recap with some advice on how any student can benefit from the lessons of running your own company.

My Biggest Takeaways After My First Summer as a Student Leader With Jessica Franzman

To tell this story of personal growth and transformation, Student Works Management Program head coach Chris Thomson interviews Jessica Franzman, a first-year university student and student leader.

Though she already had a few key character traits essential to success like her ambition and drive, Jessica admits that she still had roadblocks. Specifically, she singles out a difficulty trusting colleagues and an inability to properly delegate work. Of course, that was before she joined Student Works.

Looking back, one year after working with Student Works as a first-time entrepreneur, she reflects on some of the key lessons and takeaways from her experience. Seeing things differently now, her entrepreneurial transformation resulted in feeling much more confident about essential day-to-day business tasks like being able to delegate to co-workers. 

LISTEN NOW: Leaders of Tomorrow is worth a listen to gain skills and insights for your career journey.

All told, there’s really no substitute for the coaching and mentorship provided by Student Works combined with actually taking charge of launching your own company. And not only did they help Jessica overcome her trust issues, but they also helped her build a support network that she’s still relying on during the current pandemic.

Speaking of, COVID-19 hit Jessica both personally and professionally. Seeing her university close also meant losing her accommodation. She could have packed it in and headed home but she instead took a different approach. Jessica took a chance and stayed back to focus on improving her business.

By tweaking her workflow, Jessica shares how she made her business “pandemic-proof”. For anyone feeling bogged down by what’s happening in the world, it’s worth listening to her inspirational story to see if it sparks anything in yourself.

For more on the journey of entrepreneurial transformation consisting of launching and running your own company, listen to the full episode.


Hear the full episode

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.