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10 Surefire Signs That You’re a Critical Thinker (And Why That Makes You Awesome)

Written by Ryan Bolton
signs of a critical thinker

We learn so much in school. Formulas. How to properly use a semicolon. That studying doesn’t just magically happen. That education is expensive. One of the utmost important skills that academia taught me was how to be a critical thinker. And, more than anything else, critical thinking is something that I use every day. Constantly.

If you’re a critical thinker, you’ll find comfort in the list below. But make sure you compare this with at least 12 other articles to safely come to a conclusion.

You Ask Why a Lot, But Not in an Annoying Way

You’re naturally inquisitive. That’s cool. You just want to learn about how things work.

You’re Never Truly Satisfied with an Answer

When you get an answer, your mind immediately starts questioning everything about it. Who is the source? Is there a bias? What are others saying?

Google Is Your Best Friend

You’re constantly Googling stories, verifying facts, double-checking definitions. It’s second nature. You don’t even realize you’re doing it anymore.

If You’re Wrong in the End, You’ll Admit it For Being Right is More Important

You get stuff wrong. We all do. But you’ll be the first to admit it.

You Make Pro vs. Con Lists Like Nobody Else

Got a big decision to make? Get your pad of paper out and start comparing.

Read a Number of News Sources for One Story

Newspapers have inherent biases. You know this. And you know that there’s more than just two sides to every story.

Bring on the Debates!

You love a healthy debate. Especially with someone that knows their shit and can support their arguments with valid research and salient logic.

Comment Threads Drive You Up to the Cuckoo Tree

Their logic is fleeting. They resort to personal attacks. They often miss the main point. And they have the attention span of a lost dog.

You Search Out Opposing Views on a Topic

You aren’t content with one point of view. Does the opposing side have a point? You want to find out what they have to say too.

You’re Never Done Learning. Ever.

Why are gas prices fluctuating so much? When is Adele releasing her next album? Do beards make you more handsome? (Oh, I have the answer to this one. Yes, they do. And it’s irrefutable).

If you made it through this list and don’t think of yourself as a critical thinker, don’t worry, it’s not something that happens overnight. Keep reading for another resource to help yourself get there.

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