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College Me Vs. High School Me: “Wait, Nobody Cares I’m Skipping Class Anymore?”

Written by Lauren Marinigh

Photo by Changbok Ko on Unsplash

skipping class in college

High school becomes a distant memory once you graduate. And all of a sudden, things like seeing family, skipping class, and even buying groceries take on a very different shape when you get to post-secondary.

As you walk across that stage and get your diploma, it’s like you make a magical transition into this new version of yourself. Before you know it the high school you is tucked away and only embarrassing yearbook photos remain as haunting reminders.

Here are just some of the ways your life evolves once you head off to post-secondary school.

Mom? Can you visit?

The day you always dreamed about finally came. You’re free from the four walls of your parent’s house. You’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without any care in the world. The first few months of the year are great, then you begin to realize that your room doesn’t magically clean itself, you’re getting tired of being kept awake by your roomies, and who knew that toilet paper actually runs out?

Bring on partying 7 days a week

Gone are the days of drinking mystery water bottles filled with a swamp mix of stolen alcohol from your parents. Bring on the endless amounts of alcohol that your cool new of-age friends can buy you. Well, at least that’s normally the plan (thanks, 2020).

You mean I have to go to the grocery store?

I used to complain when we were having something for dinner that I didn’t feel like. Now I’d do anything to have a meal magically appear in front of me every night. It takes everything in me to not just eat KD and crackers for dinner seven days a week. And why can’t my fridge just magically appear with food when I open and stare at it longingly? WHY?

Hold up! Nobody cares I’m skipping class?

Remember being forced to go to class or risk suspension or detention. Or skipping class and hoping you’ll escape that dreaded phone call from the school office? Suddenly the tables have turned and really it’s up to you to get to class. Want to sleep in? Hungover? Too cold outside? Meh, just stay home or don’t log on!

When I grow up I’m going to be…

In high school I dreamt about this dream life I would have. When I graduated college I’d know exactly what my calling was, and I’d be able to obtain it with the snap of my fingers. Then I got to college and realized there was no way I’d get my life together in four years. Hell, I barely even have my life together now!

Friends in high places

For some, high school was a lot of drama. Probably because we were stuck in a confined space for four years with the same people. Going to college you realize just how big the world is. Everyone wants to be your friend and drama can be actually be avoided. I like that part.

Stop trying to make studying happen. It’s not going to happen.

In high school, you study your butt off because you want to get into the best school possible. Then you get into that school and your work ethic goes downhill. Pub nights, parties, and hanging out with your friends quickly take priority over studying for weeks leading up to your exam. Or, I guess virtual hangouts this year? I mean I do my best work under pressure, so why not procrastinate a little bit longer?

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