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What Do Canadian Students Collect? These 10 Peculiar Collections Will Fascinate You

Written by Christine Rees

What do you collect?

Student collections range from stamps to trading cards and figurines, movie tickets, makeup, clothing, stuffed animals, autographs, comic books, and so much more! The AIR MILES® Reward Program makes getting Miles possible as you add to your amazing collection. Additionally, if you’re 16 years or older, you can enroll into the Program for your own AIR MILES Card today. So, whether you’re collecting for yourself or for a good cause, you can get AIR MILES Reward Miles to get you closer to collecting more of the things you enjoy!

What sort of things are students accumulating?

1. Funko Pops

funko pop collection
Tristan with his Funko Pop collection. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Four years ago, Tristan received a Sheldon Cooper Funko Pop from his brother because of their shared love for The Big Bang Theory. Today, Tristan is the proud owner of over 1,300 Funko Pops. They line the floor to the ceiling of his bedroom. He thinks that he spent roughly $15,000 to $17,000 on these figurines over the years.

2. Homecoming Dresses

homecoming dress collection
Ashley Reel of Spring, Texas, has collected over 2,000 evening dresses for high school students all over the Houston area who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Ashley is determined to help girls attend their homecoming dance after Hurricane Harvey’s deadly storm destroyed homes and belongings. Working for the greater good, this 15-year-old collects gowns for her classmates with a goal of 50 dresses in mind. Little did she know she would end up with over 300 in the first week of accepting donations!

3. Teddy Bears

teddy bear collection
Tyler Fletcher

When times are rough, we can all use a teddy bear. Tyler collects these bears to supply teddy bears to the New Hampshire State Police in order to comfort children who experience trauma.

4. Used Luggage

luggage collection
News 8

As a child who was once in the foster system, Dylan started collecting lightly used pieces of luggage that could be filled with supplies for foster kids.

5. Bras

bra-palooza event
by: David Chasanov, Lynn Hughes

After working on a project about homeless women and hygiene, Meagan discovered that shelters and clothing banks receive very few bras. So, she began collecting them with a Bra-Palooza event and received over 500 bras!

6. Shoes

shoes collection
Chloe Christensen, 14, has been selected Missouri’s top youth volunteer.

When Chloe was 8-years-old, she asked for shoes instead of birthday gifts. Why? Because everything changed for Chloe the day she learned that some children couldn’t go to school. “If they don’t have shoes, they can’t go to school. They can get cuts that lead to bacteria and infection on their feet and they may die from it,” she explained. Her goal? To collect 50,000 pairs of shoes to send to those children in need.

7. Golf Balls

golf ball collection
© Alex Weber/The Plastic Pick-Up (used with permission)

How about saving the ocean? Alex’s favourite activity is free-diving off the coast of Carmel, California when she noticed a layer of golf balls coating the seafloor. Now, Alex is determined to clean up the golf balls and further research how they degrade in the water!

8. Colorful Band-Aids

colourful bandaids collection
Rachel Boudeman collected hundreds of boxes of Band-Aids to donate. Courtesy of (Adri Boudeman)

For years, Rachel and her family host a yearly “Band-Aid Bash” party. Invitees are encouraged to bring fun Band-Aids and a toy that can be donated to the paediatric department at the Winfield hospital.

9. Books

book collecting
Julia Foos

When Julia learned that Cleveland has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country, (61% of low-income kids do not have books in their homes), she decided to do something about it. Thousands of new and gently-used books are collected, sorted, and boxed in her family’s basement and donated to local literacy nonprofits.

10. Bread Tags

breadtag collection
Danielle Rothchild on Eyewitness News

Danielle, a senior in high school, collects bread tags and carries them to the recycling plant in order to raise awareness about sustainability.

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*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.