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Hard Decisions You Make Every Single Day As A Student

Written by Christine Rees

You’re probably wondering what these hard decisions could be. After all, you’re a student.

Your responsibilities consist of going to class, getting work done, eating, sleeping, and socializing before doing it all again the next day. Am I right? Well, there are hard decisions hidden there.

What about the small choices you make that impact the rest of your day? These decisions can lead you down a path of productivity or procrastination, and sometimes doing the right thing can be HARD.

For example:

Go to that 8AM class or hit snooze?

the office sleepy jim, hard decisions as a student

Sometimes we get to that class with an inability to stay awake. It happens to the best of us. 

Snack on an apple or go on a coffee date with friends?

gilmore girls health

Obviously, that’s enough. 

Sit next to the cute guy or be content living your lonely life?

rihanna it's scary

Okay, you won’t be alone FOREVER, but when you can’t gain the courage to talk to the person you’re crushing on… it can feel that way.

Go to a party or stay in?

jennifer aniston weird

This literally sounds like my dream job. 

Start studying or watch the countdown until the next Netflix episode plays?

stop provoking me

It’s too late, it’s playing. Might as well keep watching… 

Take a shower or hide that greasy hair in a messy bun?

new girl, do your thing

Whatever you’re feeling, just go with it. Unless your friends are giving you real judgy looks this morning.

Order take-out or create a concoction with whatever food you have at home?

uber eats

I guess that’s settled then. 

Go to the gym or just… no?

pitch perfect horizontal running

It’s the thought that counts, right? 

Put off laundry another day or actually have clean clothes?

spilling wine

It’s not a myth! There’s a washing machine inside the house!

Buy another coffee to stay awake or just sleep already?

coffee gilmore girls

That assignment isn’t going to write itself.

We get it. Student living can be tough when you have these hard decisions to make, but you’ve got this. Additionally, if you need some encouragement, read A Guide to Time Management for the Post-Secondary Student and make good choices!


Amazon Prime Student? Easy decision.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.