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Toronto, Canada

312 Adelaide Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario - M5V 1R2
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How Durham College Is Making Your Online Dreams Come True

Written by Rachael McLaughlin

Photo by Harpal Singh

Post-secondary has the potential to be anything, and as students, we should embrace that. Not knowing how you plan to spend the rest of your life is okay, but Durham College has a very exciting new offer!

Durham College is located roughly an hour outside of Toronto. Known for its innovative ways and a background in applied research and AI, Durham College is thrilled to offer the first-of-its-kind eSports Gaming Arena. eSports is one of the top thriving industries in the gaming industry today. It’s comprised of various leagues and teams that face off in the most popular games. Apex Legends, FIFA, Madden, Call of Duty, and more!

Furthermore, picture this. It’s 2019, and you have your favourite energy drink, your comfiest chair, your best headset, and you’re getting credit for it. Somehow you now have an audience, judges, and even fans

eSports is a Competitive Online World 

durham college
Durham College

With an expected audience of nearly 400 million in 2019 alone, it is clear that video games are no longer just a way to pass the time. Creating an expected $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2019, other industries have recognized the significance of eSports. Many of them have jumped on board, including Durham College. They are making their mark in the gaming industry while their students gain hands-on experience in their on-campus eSports arena. This allows them to learn firsthand what eSports success can look like. And after all, what better place to improve your skills than at school?

Durham College eSports Arena

Additionally, the arena puts student relaxation and inclusivity on the forefront in its lounge space. Apart from this, it also supports a varsity team that is competing around the world. And a recreational gaming club.

Today’s generation has grown up in a technological world. Whether we’re running from mushrooms, dodging those red shells, or dropping in on a map—we know what we’re doing. eSports help turn the world of online gaming into a thriving industry. Likewise, even Durham College staff agree, “As technology continues to advance and future generations become more versed with the digital world, eSports will only continue to grow. I think it is already on its way to becoming as popular as traditional sports. Especially with the NCAA taking notice.”

Lastly, the on-campus arena offers both recreational and competitive eSports for students, employees, and alumni. With 3000sqft of gaming room, the arena houses nearly 50 gaming PCs. 12 stationed behind glass for varsity players. There is a live streaming connection at each gaming station along with adjustable state-of-the-art gaming chairs. With 55” display monitors and a 110” projector for in-house tournaments, this space even doubles as a perfect event space and can be booked here. If you’re interested in finding a job in the video game culture, continue reading here.

durham college, esports

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