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How To Survive Same Day Exams

Written by Christine Rees

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson

Same day exams can suck if you’re not prepared to handle them. So, don’t complain and complain and complain… get ready to face your double-exam day head on and prosper!


person standing near brown concrete wall
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Plan ahead of time and set up an exam calendar. This can make a huge difference when you’re blocking off studying time. Start reviewing well in advance so the information sticks in your brain. You’re not going to pull off a successful grade by studying for both exams the night before. The night before should simply be a review—to cement what you already know.


woman wearing blue denim jacket holding book, exams
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Shape your day beforehand so you don’t get flustered. Remove any additional strain by ensuring you have all of the material you need for both exams. This includes pens, pencils, calculators, review notes, study sheets, water, and food. Do you have time between exams? Do you have enough time to grab a bite or hit the library for a quick recap? Don’t forget to map out your transit and a backup plan in case traveling becomes an issue.

Stay Active

woman doing stretching near trees
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Exam time can be stressful. The sheer amount of studying we have to get through doesn’t help matters. Ease your anxiety through fitness. It can even help you study since exercise boosts blood flow to the brain! Yes, it may be tough to fit it into your busy exam schedule BUT you can make room for short runs or quick crunch/push-up sets. Make something work!


woman sleeping on bed under blankets
Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

Catch those zzz’s! Don’t make the mistake of trying to pull an all-nighter before a double exam day. You may get more studying in but your brain will not perform at its best. Give your brain time to wind down with a good night’s rest. Sleep quality is essential.  If you need some guidance, check out A Student’s Guide For Better Sleep.

Eat Well

poached egg with vegetables and tomatoes on blue plate
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

You should never take a test while you’re hungry. Additionally, the temptation to eat and drink what’s most readily available will not help you maintain healthy habits. Processed carbohydrates may be quick and easy, but they can leave you feeling exhausted. You want foods that can be digested more slowly. Think along the lines of lean proteins, fresh veggies, and whole grains. If you eat before an exam, make sure it’s high in protein! A sugar rush will not supply enough energy to get through the hour(s) you’ll be sitting in that exam room.

Stay Calm & Focused

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Keep your eyes on the prize, as they say. Don’t think about the implications if you don’t get the percentage you need to pass. Don’t even think about the exam you have to take after this one. Breathe, relax, and answer questions. You know the material. Now you need to supply the answers.

Having two exams on the same day can be both exhausting and nerve-wracking. It may discourage you from studying or motivate you to jump in well-beforehand. Either way, you’ll be stuck with both exams so you might as well make it easier for yourself with the right preparation!



Turn your downtime into uptime.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.