There’s Being a Student, Then There’s Being an Amazon Student (It’s Better)

As students, we have to be resourceful. How do I shave off a few bucks here? How can I get to that weekend retreat with limited transportation funds? Do I really need this $186 textbook?

(Yeah, you probably do.)

But as students, there’s also a lot of perks available. Especially for things we actually need, like deals and 2-day free shipping from Amazon Student. Oh, deals, how we love thee! So you can get that textbook for a fraction of the full price without waiting in soul-crushing lines at your school’s bookstore. And you can get them delivered in 2 days. For free. Ah-mazing.

The best part? There’s no rub. You get a free 6-month trial with Amazon Student, which also includes free, unlimited photo storage, exclusive student deals before everyone else and you earn $5 for each student you refer to Amazon Student. You can cancel anytime. And if you decide to keep Amazon Prime, you get 50% off just for being a student, because hells yeah!

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Ryan Bolton

Ryan Bolton

Ryan Bolton is the Director of Communications (aka. Guy That Plays With Words) at Student Life Network. He has a beard that can nest a family of sparrows. And a dog—Hank—that has a slight attitude problem.