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9 Stages of Midterm Exams Told Through GIFs

Written by Christine Rees
stress midterm exams

It’s that time of year again. I’m talking about EXAM TIME! Because if there are any two words that get student hearts racing, they are: midterm exams. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, here are the different stages you’ll realistically face:

1. You’re going to crush that midterm

bill nye on midterm exams

You’re showing up, mentally coordinating your exam schedule and doing all of the assigned readings… you are going to ace these exams!

2. You think midterm exams are further away than they actually are

friends chandler

Now you’re stuck with the horrible realization that they are just around the corner. And you are wildly underprepared for the exams you were certain you’d have time to study for. 

3. Start preparing 

reading three books

It’s okay, you can do this. There’s still time to organize your schedule and make all of this work. 

4. A professor adds another chapter to study 

buffy bite me

You made just enough time to study what was on the syllabus. Now there’s MORE?

5. Remember that it’s only one test

vampire diaries elana

But it’s a test that can still have a huge impact on your grade!

6. Bring on the stress studying

sylvestor too much coffee

You have to memorize this and learn that… and, oh, can’t forget to do that mandatory reading. This is going to be an all-nighter situation. Better get that coffee on.

7. You study the wrong topic for a few hours…

community screaming

It’s fine. You swear this was supposed to be on the exam though. BRB, gotta go scream outside for a little while. 

8. I mean, how can you possibly remember it all?

this is fine

But really. There’s only so much a brain can handle before it bursts. 

9. You don’t care anymore

lying down

You’ve done all you can. Time to see how the exam goes.

It’s midterm exams, so do your best to get through them. When it comes to dealing with exam prep, read 5 Positive Ways To Deal With Exam Stress to learn how you can face this stressful time like a pro! Or check out Keeping Your Sanity During The Exam Season!

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