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A Student’s Guide For Online Learning

Written by Student Life Network

Photo by Norbert Levajsics via Unsplash

By: Christine Rees 

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, high schools, colleges, and universities across Canada are switching to an online learning platform. This is an effective way to maintain social distancing while also keeping students educated. So, as a student now learning from home, how do you set yourself up for success? Prepare with this student’s guide for online learning!

Change Your Way Of Thinking

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Firstly, home isn’t just for homework and relaxing anymore. That was the case when you were in school for almost 7 hours a day, but now you’re learning from your bedroom, kitchen table, living room, etc. Therefore, think of school days as actual school days, even if it is from the comfort of your home. The key? Don’t get too comfortable, that’s how procrastination wins.

Desk Set Up

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Secondly, find a location in the house that you can set up as a desk. If you already have a desk in your room, that’s wonderful! If not, find somewhere that is out of the way so you can focus on what’s important: your studies. Additionally, your desk should be totally dedicated to schoolwork. It isn’t the place to scroll through Instagram or watch YouTube videos. It’s officially your home workspace. More importantly, this desk area should be organized with enough room for your laptop or iPad/tablet, textbooks and notebook. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and snacks on-hand for when you’re hungry!


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Natural light is a good thing, especially if you’re feeling confined in the house. This can positively impact our focus because sunlight increases our body’s production of Vitamin D, which leaves us feeling happier. 


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Next, create a schedule for school deadlines. Which school assignments, projects, or exams are coming up? Write them into a planner or calendar (even the one on your phone) so you can keep track of everything. Now that you are not physically in class, you need to be more responsible. Also, dedicate time in your schedule for studying, researching, and working on that upcoming assignment or project. Set a timer if you need to! This holds you accountable. 


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Develop a daily routine that works for your productivity. Meaning, you will not sleep in every single day like you’ve been thinking. Get up at a reasonable time, have tea/coffee and breakfast, breathe, and then get started on your schedule for the day. Give yourself a lunch break and go for a walk. Social distancing is the new norm, but as long as you keep at least 1 metre of space between you and other people, you can still enjoy the fresh air. Even if you only want to go as far as your backyard. 


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Lastly, music can be a powerful way to boost morale when you’re feeling down. Put together a “happy” playlistone that puts you in a good moodand listen to it. Start your day with some upbeat songs or turn it up in the middle of your day to pick up your energy. Music can be a great way to keep your spirits lifted. 

In The End…

A lot of things require adjustment during these extraordinary times. This student’s guide for online learning is meant to help you find a study-from-home situation that works for you. Just take things one day at a time. We’ll get through this together.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.