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5 Transferable Skills That Are Timeless

Written by Christine Rees

When you’re ready to apply for your dream career, you absolutely NEED the right skills. Skills such as perseverance, negotiation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and responsibility are always appealing – no matter what industry you’re leaning towards. So, why not land a summer job with Student Works honing in on this special skill set? 

Additionally, these sort of skills are transferable between industries. Whether you obtain them while you’re taking leadership on a group project or working that part-time job, you will discover that these strengths can apply anywhere. So, use them to your advantage!

1. Perseverance

Basically, perseverance is the drive (and ability) to continue doing something despite obstacles thrown your way. This shows the hiring manager that despite how hard something is or how long it takes to complete, you WILL get it done. This character trait is entirely important because honing this skill can lead you towards a successful life. Perseverance means you will not give up when things are tough but, instead, carry on and see the project through.

2. Negotiation

From informal day-to-day interactions to formal transactions (i.e. conditions of a lease and other legal contracts), the ability to negotiate is crucial. Good negotiations can significantly better growing relationships since the purpose of negotiating is to reach an agreement that serves its own interests and contains mutual benefits. Negotiating can lead to conflict resolution, problem solving and better communication.

3. Entrepreneurship

We live in an ever-changing world that is always moving forward. When you’re in a job that encourages this continued change, it is often encouraged and expected to think outside-the-box. As a result, this skill can change the way we work and live. Innovations can improve our lifestyle or our way of living, and can potentially create more jobs. Entrepreneurship combines a sense of curiosity and problem-solving as well as strategic and creative thinking that drives entrepreneurial thinkers to explore new things that help us to progress as a society.

4. Leadership

Leadership is used to boost efficiency while achieving an organization’s goals. Many employers seek out this trait because it demonstrates solid interpersonal skills as well as an ability to motivate, coordinate, and shape a proper team. Leaders can initiate action while building group morale and relationships (Management’s Study Guide). Leaders are typically positive influences, passionate, committed, innovators, and strong communicators, which can notably improve a work environment. 

5. Responsibility

In general, being a responsible person creates a good impression. It means that you are reliable and trustworthy. People who share this trait do not make up excuses for themselves, complain, procrastinate or be inconsistent with their schedules (LifeHack). Additionally, responsibility ties in with leadership. When you are a leader, you understand that leadership is a responsibility rather than a power. As a result, leaders take ownership of group failures and successes, making them responsible for every group effort’s outcome. 

If you already possess these skills, then you are bound to make a good impression! However, if there are any areas in which you could better yourself, why not try? Each of these skills work towards benefiting your future and your future career, so make them stand out. Jump start your career today with a top student summer job in Canada and develop the right skills to make an impact! Think you’ve got what it takes?

Think you’ve got what it takes?

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*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.