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What You Need To Make Your Music Festival Experience EPIC

Written by Mikael M. Melo

Photo by Vonecia Carswell

It’s summertime, which means music festival season is in full bloom. Whether your taste lies in pop, EDM, or country, there’s a music festival for everybody!

Student Life Network has got you covered with the ultimate music festival packing list. That is… unless you’re going to Frye Festival, then you’ll need to pack an airplane, water for thousands of people, and fraud insurance.  

Let’s start off with the basics. If you’re camping out for a music festival, you’re going to need:

A Tent. We recommend a 4-6 person tent. It works best!


A Sleeping Bag for all weather conditions.

sleeping bag, music festival

A Pop Up Canopy Tent, which is great for drinking and relaxing in the shade.

pop up canopy tent

A Folding Table to provide convenience for lunch, dinner, and games.

folding table

Folding Chairs. We always say go big or go home, so make sure you buy ones with cupholders!

folding chair

A Cooler because who wants their drinks warm?!

blue cooler

A Portable Speaker. Even though you’re at a music festival, you’re going to want some music while you’re back at your campsite. 

portable speaker

Portable Charger. A music festival is your Instagram feed’s best friend. Keep a portable charger handy so you never miss those picture perfect opportunities!

portable charger

Emergen-C. Okay, someone in your friend group has to be the parent, so why not you? Emergen-C will come in handy at music festivals when you feel like death but need that extra kick of energy to bring you back to life.


Hand Sanitizer, cause you’re gonna be touching things. Let’s face it, germs exist and nobody wants to get sick.

hand sanitizer

Chapstick. What if you meet the person of your dreams at this festival and you kiss and they say, “Wow you have chapped lips.” We CAN’T let that happen. Therefore, always have chapstick.


Sunscreen because self-care is important in 2019.


The Hydration Backpack is probably the most important item for any music festival. It’s a backpack that carries liquid. So, you can stand in the middle of a crowd watching your favourite artist and keep HYDRATED! How genuis?! 

hydration backpackLast, but not least, you need a cute outfit! Something that’s flowy, but shows off your figure. Something that screams “I LOVE MUSIC” but isn’t too tacky. Maybe you’ll add a fanny pack or a flower crown just for kicks. Regardless, you can find any outfit imaginable and all the items listed above through Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has some great deals for students and we at the Student Life Network love partnering with them for great lists like this one! 


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*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.