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6 Easy Things You Can Do This Spring To Spread Good Vibes

Written by Christine Rees
Photo by Toni Hukkanen

Spring is the season of flowers, showers, and (finally!) warm weather. With snow moving further behind us (let’s keep it that way, okay mother nature?), everyone’s cheerful moods are growing. Good vibes are happening, so why not help spread them?

Make some feel-good decisions that are bound to impact the world in a positive way.

Marie Kondo Your Closet

emily gilmore, cleaning

Clean out that closet. Don’t think about it, just do it. It’s time for spring cleaning, so get rid of what you’re not wearing anymore. Do as Emily Gilmore says, “If it brings you joy you keep it, if it doesn’t then out it goes!” If you’re not ready to completely get rid of something, offer it to your friends. They would probably appreciate it, especially if you never really wore it in the first place. Help those clothes find new homes! 

Bake Desserts

clueless, baking

Look at Pinterest for ideas! Whether you bake for yourself, your roommates, or your family—this small act of kindness could boost someone’s day in a way you never expected. Everyone needs a little love sometimes and this could be exactly what they need. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Buy Local

tom cruise, show me the money

Support where you’re from and purchase things locally! Buy from the local farmer’s market, mom and pop’s store, or boutique shops. Make it a habit by visiting a specific location once a week! That kind of commitment can go a long way. Still not sure why you should buy locally? Read more about the positive effects it has here.

Support A Cause You Care About

good vibes for a good cause

Get involved with something you truly care about. Not only will this benefit the good cause, but it is genuinely rewarding. Sprout those good vibes! If you’re not sure how to get involved, try contacting the non-profit directly to see what you can do to help out.

Make A Playlist For A Friend

power rangers dance off

If you know what your friend likes, why not build a playlist that they’ll LOVE? You can include songs that they have never heard before. Or add tunes that reflect your amazing friendship together. It’s a fun and affordable way to show someone you’re thinking of them! Not sure where to start? Check out Spotify Playlists That Every Student Should Listen To for ideas!

Don’t Forget To Compliment Others

you're a frickin' warrior

In life, flattery will get you everywhere. Okay, not everywhere, but everyone enjoys receiving compliments once and a while. If someone’s done a great job on something, make sure you tell them. They probably don’t need the verbal praise but it’s appreciated, especially if they are putting a ton of effort into it. Be a positive force in the universe and acknowledge when people do something good. Those small compliments might not seem like much to you, but they can mean a whole lot to the person on the other side of it.

As students, it’s important to remember how our actions can impact others. If we are more conscientious of these ripple effects, we can choose to do something positive. So, go on! Get out there and spread those good vibes.



*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.