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Netflix Binging: What Does It Look Like To An Outsider?

Written by Christine Rees

Photo by Alexandre Chambon

“Hey, are you still there?”

“Do you want to continue watching?”

You have the remote, so it’s your decision. Netflix binging can be a real issue and we all know it. When there are a million things to do, it’s easier to sit back, toss our feet up, and let procrastination happen. In the end, it gets the best of us. But sometimes, we want to binge. When we finish a new season of Stranger Things in one sitting, we’re usually shocked, feel somewhat accomplished, have a difficult time sleeping (thanks to staring at a screen for hours), and are generally exhausted from doing nothing. I suppose we’re emotionally exhausted from the rollercoaster we’ve taken on the edge of our couch.

Netflix binging may be something we plan or something that inadvertently happens because we get roped into a show. But what does Netflix binging look like to an outsider?

Basically, it seems…  


eating popcorn

Usually, binge-worthy shows leave us feeling anxious and in need of closure—that’s what makes them binge-worthy to begin with.


lying on the couch, open mouth, remote in hand, netflix binging

A shower desperately waits for us. Classes need to be attended, and yet, we are never getting off this couch.

Lifestyle Choice

sitting on bed, pointing at TV

Other people are not involved in our lives anymore. We found a new home in the TV and they should just accept it. 


warm bodies

Look! It’s a TV zombie with a craving to consume shows to survive. Oh, wait. That’s just a mirror… 


turning around excitedly

There’s always some new surprise around the corner—or at the end of every episode—that makes watching the next one “absolutely necessary.”

Emotional Mess

"I'm in a glass case of emotion"

You’re up, you’re down, you’re turning around… You are laughing so much that you’re crying. Or maybe, you’re laughing at yourself for crying. Either way, there seems to be a lot of emotions happening.

A Little Slob-ish

sweeping popcorn off the couch

Netflix binging usually leads to heavy snacking. It’s easy to make a mess when you refuse to leave the same spot.

Like You Need To Feel Joy Again

cat lying on the couch

The after-effects of a show-hangover are real. When you finish a really amazing TV series and find yourself feeling sad, uncertain what to do with the rest of your life, and generally disappointed that it’s over… you’re suffering from a show-hangover.

Pretending To Do Something When You’re Really Not

cat running, lying on the floor

Basically, the “I’m studying too” or “I’m reading too” excuse doesn’t work while your eyes are glued to a TV screen. We all know you’re getting nothing done, okay? It’s called procrastination.

Like You Haven’t Slept In 5 Million Years

pink panther, tired, clicking remote

You’re simply going through the motions of eating or speaking functional words at this point. You’re basically on auto-pilot.


next one, next one!

The “just one more and I’ll do something with my day” speech. Yeah, sure you will. If you couldn’t stop six episodes ago, why would you stop just before the Game Of Thrones season finale?

Most of us are guilty of succumbing to a Netflix binge now and again. But the important thing to remember is that the more you do it, the more you procrastinate doing something else. You can only put off tasks for so long before they come back and bite you. So, get off the couch!


A $35,000 Prize

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.