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15 Ways To Use Sticky Notes

Written by Christine Rees
how to better use sticky notes

What could sticky notes be used for besides taking notes? Well, pull up a seat dear friend because I’m about to tell you. They can be used for so MANY tasks, especially when it comes to student living, so get ready to have your mind blown by creativeness.


This one’s somewhat obvious, but … mark pages or passages you’re working on with sticky notes! It’s doubly-effective because you can also write notes on it instead of in your textbooks.


Mark the beginning and end of your readings. You can colour-code different sections and write on them with follow-up questions or summaries to make reviewing easier.


Stick extra notes on the inside of your planner so you always have some on you. You never know when you’ll need to sticky note something — even if it’s only to write kick me and slap it on your friend’s back (we still love the 90s, right?).

To-Do List

At the start of the day, place a sticky note with your to-do list on your laptop so you remember your goals and tasks for the day. It will get your productive ball rolling.

Avoid Fines or Late Fees

Write library due dates and stick them on the front of those books, so you don’t get charged extra. Every dollar counts!


Are there keyboard shortcuts that you are less familiar with but want to learn? Write them out and stick them on your laptop so you always have access to them. You can also include reminders for upcoming assignments, tests, group projects, and more!

Keyboard Cleaning

Slide the sticky edge between your keyboard keys. The adhesive strip grabs the littlest bits of dust and food crumbs you’ve been pretending don’t exist. You’d be surprised, and maybe a little grossed out, by what you find when it’s pulled away.

Shopping List

Stick a note on the fridge and add what you need until you go to the grocery store. 


Get artistic! Enjoy using a whole pad of sticky notes to create a moving picture flipbook.

Folder Labels

Trim down the sticky note so you only use the adhesive-backed part to keep notebooks and binders organized by labelling them with the sticky edge! You can place them along the spines to make them easy to find.

Cable Labels

Save yourself time by marking down the appliance connecting to each cable, so you’re not struggling to figure out what you CAN unplug behind the TV. Wrap the sticky part tightly around the appropriate cable, leaving the identifying mark of “TV” or “Wii” or “Computer Screen” accessible. 

Food Labels

Are you sharing a fridge? If everyone identifies what belongs to them, then no one will accidentally drink your juice again! Now, don’t label absolutely everything. That can be a little over-the-top and passive-aggressive. Nobody likes that. Have some restraint and only label a few key items that could be mistaken for someone else’s.


Create a colourful schedule that organizes your daily tasks on the wall. This can help you schedule your week, especially when it comes to meal prepping or exam time. When you’ve completed a task or prepped a meal, you get the satisfaction of peeling it off the wall.

You can also use this organization method to identify household chores shared by everyone. In this case, keeping it in a common room will ensure that it is accessible to everyone.


Quick! There’s a hot drink in your hand and no coaster in sight, but there’s a stack of post-it notes. Sometimes I keep random sticky notes stuck to my desk in case I need a coaster, fast. It really does come in handy, especially if you’re a student. Be sure to avoid neon colours as the colour can rub off on your furniture, defeating the purpose of trying to protect it. Neutral and not-so-brightly coloured stickies are favoured for this. You’ve been warned!


Unlock your creative side and do something fun! It’s colourful paper after all.

If these don’t tickle your fancy, you can always use them for their natural (if somewhat boring) purpose of note-taking. Enjoy!

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