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How to Choose the Right Car for You (and Your Wallet)

Written by Daniel Levy

Sometimes I hate having choices.

There’s a hot dog vendor at my school who sells chicken dogs, beef dogs, and chili cheese dogs. I’ve never bought a single hot dog from him because having that many options is ludicrous. Well, when it comes to food, at least. Cars are a different story. Do I want a hatchback or a sedan? Manual or automatic? Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? There’s no shortage of options when you’re choosing a car, but unlike choosing which hot dog to eat, the decisions are methodical and logic-based. You make them based on your own wants and needs. And if you make the right car choices, you’re going to have the best student driving experience ever—especially if you’re looking at the 2016 Ford Focus.

The hatchback, for example, is a perfect starter for students. You can store several hundred pounds’ worth of precious school cargo (plus your friends). It’s the perfect option for those living in residence or at their own place during school—you’ll be able to lug almost anything around in your car. The Ford Focus’ rear seats fold down for 44 cubic feet of cargo space, which is nearly 1,250 litres. A full-size keg is just under 60 litres. You guys. Think of all the possibilities. 

Not to forget that the Ford Focus may save you enough money so you can afford a monthly parking pass. On my daily commutes to school, I used to park in mall parking lots and bus the rest of the way; if I had a Focus, I doubt I would have had to do that. You could save more money (and the environment, of course!) by taking the electric route. It’s the perfect candidate for saving money, being green, and looking cool in front of literally everyone you know.

“It may save you enough money, so you can finally afford a monthly parking pass”

To further help students, Ford offers a First-Time Buyer Program and a $500 Graduate Rebate program for those students about to graduate. Contact your local Ford dealer for more details.

With plenty of options to suit your personal wants and needs—whether it be a fully-electric hatchback or a full-throttle race-worthy vehicle—the Ford Focus is probably the most versatile model out there for students. And since the Focus hatchback and sedan are the same price, your personal style won’t come at any cost. Even the pickiest of young drivers can be at ease knowing that the Ford Focus is not only efficient and packed with features, but easily modifiable and tailored to be the perfect fit for any student.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.