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Toronto, Canada

312 Adelaide Street West, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario - M5V 1R2
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Q&A with Matt Hennessy: This is What it Feels (And Looks) Like to Win 5,000 AIR MILES

Written by Ryan Bolton

Tell us a little about yourself Matt.

Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario a couple months ago, I’ve been working as a software developer at Info-Tech Research Group. Besides writing awesome code and playing ping pong at work, I also love making music, water skiing, and any kind of outdoorsy/travel adventure!

How long have you been an SLNer?

Let’s call it 3(ish) glorious years of advanced movie screenings, fun contests, and tons of free stuff!

You won 5,000 AIR MILES in Canada’s Luckiest Student 3. Tell us what you’ve done with them so far.

I found out I had won about a month before reading week, so the first thing I did was book a flight to Montreal where I spent 7 days freezing my butt off and having an awesome time. I practiced my french, ate TONS of poutine, and even tried some authentic Montreal smoked meat (which is delicious, by the way). Also, it turns out Montreal has a wannabe-disney-dome, a mini replica of Notre-Dame, and some seriously huge churches on top of big hills. Who knew?!

It seemed bigger in pictures. #nofilter A photo posted by imatt297 (@imatt297) on

It’s almost like Disney?

A photo posted by imatt297 (@imatt297) on

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen that you can get with AIR MILES?

Besides the flights and cruises, my AIR MILES card also gets me access to reduced admission all over the place (…and as it turns out, I’ve been meaning to revisit Canada’s Wonderland). It’s basically a student’s/bargain hunter’s dream!

Do you have any Miles left? What are you planning on doing with them?

Yep! I’ve actually got about half of them left, and I am seriously eyeing up some of their cruise offerings…

Alternatively, I’m thinking some backpacking in Asia would be a cool change from the office life (not that I have any complaints about the pinball machine in my office).

Anything else you’d like to add, Matt?

Fair warning: this is going to sound like an infomercial, but I promise it’s not. Pro-tip: signing up for an AIR MILES credit card not only gets you additional miles on everyday purchases, but it also gets you 500 bonus miles to start. That’s like a free flight. Ahem, sorry, that IS a free flight. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

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