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7 Things You Need to Do When You’re Dating an Artist

Written by Jayme Bach
dating an artist

Many of us adore the prospect of becoming a rich and famous artist, especially when celebrities are constantly in the spotlight and seemingly living their dreams. This is especially true for musicians and actors, but also for many visual artists and authors. My experience lies in the world of music, but it’s not because I create it; it’s because I’m dating an artist, specifically, I’m a DJ’s girlfriend.

Becoming a producer or DJ appears simple—isn’t your only job to make cool beats and play lots of shows? You’ll be picked up by a record company and have a manager booking you at festivals before you know it, right? Wrong. Rising to fame and glory is rarely that easy, and that’s true for any artist. Sure, you might end up reaping the benefits of their success if they really make it in their field, but there’s plenty of work to be done on your end to help them get there! Here are a few things you should always keep in mind when you’re dating an artist.

1. Let Them Do Their Thing

Dating an artist sounds glamorous, but much like in any relationship, you must be able to handle both their highs and lows. The difference is that when an artist is on a creative roll, you usually have to leave them alone when they’re inspired. They may seem unthoughtful when they’re focusing on their work more than you, but they’re trying to make the ideas in their heads come alive and don’t want to be distracted. It’s nothing personal.

2. Just Be There

Always provide extra support if they’re upset that they didn’t achieve what they were aiming for. You could, for instance, offer them a plate of homemade food with their favourite drink and hope for the best—there’s a good chance they’re not going to touch it since they’re so busy trying to perfect their project, but little things like that show that you’re there and that you care for them.

3. Take Their Work Seriously

Respect their craft (like, actually). Know and accept that their work will always come first—it’s their passion and probably what they’re looking to spend the rest of their lives doing. If you take it seriously and foster their growth, they’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.

4. Be (Kind of) Their Manager

Artists are known to overwork themselves. A lot. When they’re focusing on nothing but their art, try your best to be organized, patient, and even a bit creative for them. You would be doing them a bigger favour than you think.

5. Make Plans in Advance

When it comes to dates and leisure time together, plan ahead. It’s a good idea to make sure you both have free time for each other to avoid conflicting plans. Expecting last-minute rendezvous are risky—your partner could be busy with a project and unable (or unwilling) to head out anywhere.

6. Be Their Promoter

If they’ve already started to promote themselves via social media, chances are you’ll be helping them manage a lot of their accounts. When they’re busy working on their craft, that’s your time to swoop in and take hold of the social media mantle. Promote your partner when they can’t do it themselves—it could, after all, help them get that much closer to fame. On that note, you can check out my boyfriend (pictured below!) and his music on SoundCloud.

dating an artist music

7. Share Their Happiness

Never forget that the most beautiful part about dating an artist is watching them succeed after they’ve busted their butts for hours, days, weeks, and even months on end. When your producer girlfriend gets signed to a label or your graphic designer boyfriend gets hired for a huge project, the joy and pride you can see in their eyes is really something else. You’re watching their dreams come true. Remember to celebrate them and their achievements and help them get that much closer to attaining money, recognition, and happiness.

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