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SLN’s Foolproof Student Gift Guide Pt. 2: Big Socks, Good Reads and Some T. Swift

Written by Chris D’Alessandro

Shopping for students can be difficult.

We’re stubborn creatures who can become really comfortable with our surroundings and possessions. That makes it pretty tough to buy us relatively inexpensive gifts.

However, not all is lost. There are a few great, inexpensive gifts for all students this holiday season that they’re sure to love.

If you missed Pt. 1 of the gift guide, head over here to the aisle with the massages.

The Biggest, Thickest Socks Imaginable ($7-$15)

Man Socks

True, they can be a bit of a ‘gag gift,’ but socks are usually that one piece of a student’s wardrobe-game that gets completely overlooked. And when you’re trekking through the snow in the winter, these puppies are a godsend. This also applies for a good toque or scarf.

Hit up your local H&M, Winners or American Apparel, where you can find cool, patterned styles for around $12 a pop. H&M even has some nice, thick wooly ones for winter Netflix binges.

The Ultimate Groomer: The Gillette Styler ($25)

Gillette Shaver

Let’s face it (get it?), this is really a gift for both of you.

If your man is any kind of facial hair aficionado, then one of these bad boys is practically a must, especially if his unkempt face-mane is starting to make him look like he’s homeless.

The Gillette Styler should only run you about $25 at your local drug store and allow your fella to start styling and grooming his beard or moustache like a big boy. Standard packs come with the electric clipper (designed by Braun), three attachable combs (for various beard lengths) and one Fusion ProGlide attachable razor.

I’ve been using one for the last two years, and not only does it boast a close shave and precise styling, but it’s super easy to use and clean.

The Death of Cool, Wild and Red Rising ($13-$15)

Death of Cool book

Gavin McInnes’ autobiography is a bible for today’s youth.

Documenting youth shenanigans, teenage rebellion, 20-something soul-searching and wild parties as an adult, McInnes’ also manages to sneak in some chapters about the foundation of Vice Magazine and his subsequent abdication as Editor-in-Chief.

A must-have, laugh-out-loud gospel for any student with a wild side. And it’ll only run you $13.

Not into a Canadian writer? How about picking up this year’s Hunger Games, Red Rising: Book I of the Red Rising Trilogy or if you’re into Oprah’s book Club, check out Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Throwback: Vinyl Records ($18-$25)

Vinyl Record

Five years ago, you had to go to a grimy, downtown boutique shop (which was barely in business) to buy a vinyl record.

Now you can walk into your local HMV and find a wide variety of vinyl records, from both new and old artists, usually for around $20. You can also get vinyl on Amazon, too. 

You can pretty much find whatever you’re listening to on vinyl today. Lately, we’ve been spinning Death From Above 1979, some John Lennon, Banks, and for Peter, some Taylor Swift. Yep, they’ve got 1989 on vinyl. And not only are records cool and collectable, it’s an amazing, organic and analog way to experience your favourite tunes. If you’re in Toronto, hit up Sonic Boom!

A Nice & Dependable Watch ($80+)

Man Watch

“Whoa, wait, aren’t nice watches really expensive?”

Not if you subscribe to some fashion hack websites like or

On these sites, you can find high-end, designer watches for as low as a tenth of the original price. If you’re willing to spend between $50 to $100, you can really score some deals.

Last year I scored a $700 Invicta watch for $99, and I actually just outdid myself this year with a quick search on BeyondTheRack.

This Invicta watch is currently on for $80, down from $795.

The catch to this is that you’ve got to act fast. Inventory doesn’t last long, and if you want to save money by not getting express shipping, you’ll have to leave enough time for the watch to be shipped to you, which is normally longer during the busy holiday season.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with a good watch. Ever.

Photos courtesy Nan Palmero (vinyl), Quality & Style (shaver), Amy (socks), Guy Sie (watch)

Don’t like anything here? That’s cool. What’s on your list this year? Help out a fellow student in the comments with more gift ideas.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.