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A Student Recruiter’s Insider Tips to Land a Job at a Startup (Pt. 2)

Written by Ryan Bolton

In our first sit-down with Sarah Stockdale at Tilt, she divulged her expert insight on life at a startup. We pick up that discussion with more exclusive tips on interviewing and what Sarah looks for in a student ambassador to land the job. Snoop Dogg may or may not be involved.

Here’s part 2 of our discussion.

Everyone has their individual ways of preparing for an interview. What are your tips?

I got lots here.

Do your homework (read up on the company), try out the product, get a sense of the vibe of the company (casual, corporate etc.), come up with potential questions they might answer and prep some ideas of what you would do if you got the gig. Remember that interviewers are humans, and they want to have a good chat with a cool person, so relax and be yourself.

Good tips. What are those stand-out qualities you’re looking for in students? What do you skim for first?


Specifically for our Campus Ambassador students, I am looking for:

  • Energy and passion
  • A willingness to try a lot of things
  • An outgoing, social attitude
  • Someone who gets shit done

What’s an instance where you were positively shocked in an interview? What happened?

That’s a hard one!

I had an interview where I asked someone what they’re passionate about, and they said “nothing.” When I asked about hobbies they said “TV.” It was more bored disappointment than shock.

How do you know when you’ve found the perfect student ambassador?

“Personality is key when applying for jobs at startups. Stuffy applications are not my bag.”

I know I’ve found a great Ambassador when their application links to a cool Tilt campaign, so I know they get what we do. I love hiring social students who have creative ideas and are passionate about new technology.

What’s this thing about Snoop Dogg?

Shhhhh, I can’t tell you until November. I can tell you he drops by the Tiltquarters every so often, and is an avid Tilter himself!

What advice do you have for students who want to work at startups when they graduate?

Start now! Learning how to work at a small, quickly growing tech company isn’t something you’ll get in a classroom. Pick up books, read blogs, learn a code language, apply for internships or find a mentor who works in tech. No one told me this was a real industry that lets you be creative, grow quickly, learn a ton and drink beer and play ping pong at work—it’s a fantastic career path.

Pretty awesome. Are you nodding your head as you read this? Think you’d be an all-star as a Tilt Student Ambassador? Apply here.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.