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School’s Back. But We Got Your Back.

Written by Ryan Bolton

The countdown is on.

The dog days of summer are slipping between our fingers. Your summer job is coming to an end. Your parents are rejoicing.

School is (almost) back. Remove that nervous pit in your stomach with preparedness. Wash away those clammy hands with confidence. Tackle the first day of school like tryouts for the football team.

Everyone has their own rituals for the first day back. Everyone has their nightmare scenario. So we enlisted the help of fellow SLNers for their advice and do’s and dont’s for the first day back to school.

Own the First Day Back

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you’re going to school. The first-day-outfit is always picked out. —Katrina Lewis

Don’t worry. Chances are if you feel you’ve messed up the first day, then plenty of others have followed in those footsteps, too. And be yourself. If people like you, then great. If people don’t like you, walk off with swag in every step. —Lea Johnson

Night before make sure I’ve packed my book bag and picked out my clothes. Before bed have a nice hot bath with the works: bubbles, exfoliating face mask, candles, deep conditioner. Then moisturize like a madwoman. The day of wake up 2 or 3 hours early, realize I’ve forgotten something, re-pack my bag six times, change outfit twenty times, do and re-do makeup. Cry a little. Be comforted by the significant other. Realize I’m running late. Run screaming for the bus. You know, normal back-to-school stuff. —Britt Miller 

I go on campus the day before my classes start and find all the classrooms I’ll have to go to. I also register a locker. —Keshia Leslie

Well a must have before any class, but most important before first class, is to get down on Taco Luis… literally had that before every class and I get straight A’s. Coincidence? I think not. —Todd Dumond

Fetal position in the corner and cry. Going from summer to 6-7 courses per term is brutal. #EngineeringProblems —Jakub Turek

Walk in & rock it! Or fake it till you make it 😉 —Daijhanna Francis

The student card and bus passes are usually available a day or two before orientation. Visit the school ahead of time to avoid the line up on the day of, that way you won’t miss your first class and you have enough time to find the classroom without stress. —Erica Danielsson

Take a look at your schedule and figure out where your free hours are. Then decide where you’re going to fit in exercise (very important, since the Frosh 15 is not an urban legend) and study time. Also, get to know what’s available in your campus library. Lots have study rooms for rent that are the perfect place to finish a 14-page paper that’s due tomorrow. Ask the person at the counter, they’ll be able to tell you what kind of stuff they can do for you. —Mady Gallard

Do: Pick out an outfit and pack your bags the night before, not the morning of.

Don’t: Be late (see previous tip) —Lannie Kheng

Pretend to be lost or confused about something so you have an excuse to ask cute upperclassmen. —Sarah Grupp

Don’t panic! Everyone is in the same situation as you on the first day, no one is really prepared, and if you don’t know anyone, there’s probably a whole bunch of other people who don’t either. —Becky McPhee

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Over to You

Pick out your outfit, decide on a new outfit, and then revert back to the original outfit? Share your do’s and dont’s for the first day of school in the comments.

Image courtesy: Basheer Tome

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.