Six Awesome Ways To Prompose With These Hilarious Puns

We put puns on Promposal Cards. We call them pun-prosals.

Students can put a lot of effort and creativity into asking their significant other, best friend or (most stress-inducing) their long-time crush, to what is arguably the quintessential high-school event. Prom.

And when you hear real promposal ideas like these, it can get all the more intimidating (again, these are real);

“I would like to give my best friend, Katelyn, a promposal. We are both into musicals and I was hoping to get her a pair of ruby-red slippers and matching rings for us, and make a sign that says “Will you follow The Yellow Brick Road to prom with me?””

“My boyfriend and I love doing escape rooms together, and I think it would be amazing if we could do a really fun escape room, and once we figure out how to escape, the door we go out opens into a room with a banner asking, “Will you go to prom with me?”

“I wanted to do something big and unexpected like a helicopter ride over Vancouver and have “Prom?” spelled out on top of one of the buildings.”

We have no idea how to compete with that. Which was a real problem when our partner, Hudson’s Bay, asked us to come up with some cool and interesting ways to help students prompose. They’ve got students covered with all the fashion they’ll need to turn up to prom looking great. But asking the right special somebody? They left that to us.

After much coffee and discussion, we decided that the students who really needed help promposing weren’t the ones who were already going to do something elaborate and outside-the-box. Instead, we focused on helping the students who were at a loss for words, ideas and maybe just wanted to do something simple, casual and a wee bit ironic.

Thus, the pun-prosal was born. We’ve come up with a couple of cheeky cards to ask your date to prom—without having to go all out. Post one of these on their social media or print them out on some sweet card stock. They’re on us. Enjoy!

Download These Free Promposal Cards!

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.
Kat Lourenco

Kat Lourenco

Kat Lourenco is a Laurier-alumni turned writer and Pilates instructor. She lives in Toronto with her tiny lion, Mr. Business.