12 Writing Tips for Students Who Procrastinate

We all procrastinate.

Let’s admit it together: “My name is ______ and, well, I, um, procrastinate.” In honour of everyone’s favourite pastime, which seems to invariably increase during the school months, here are 12 tips for writing an essay for all of us procrastinators:

1.  Write the title first.

2.  Underline the title, so it knows you’re serious.

3.  Set out numbered bullet points, so you can just fill them in later.





8.  When you start a sentence, don’t walk away from the computer until you

9.  Looking at pictures of kittens makes you more productive. This should help:

Cute kitty 2

10.  Fuel up. Have a snack at your desk so you cannoooooo, now there’s pudding all over my keyboardjlklaksflkng

11.  Akjnediwojndcl gpoee nfisd bgkjwuernf sdlfkjwein vd.

12.  Aww, let’s go back and look at the kitten again. See point 9.

13.  If you do find yourself writing the whole essay in 45 minutes at 6 a.m., never, ever re-read it after you have handed it in. The torture of finding new typos will be too mcuh to bear.

Photo courtesy: top cat (Laura Nelson) little furball with eyes closed (Daniele Pieroni)

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Alanna Schiffer

Alanna Schiffer

Alanna has an Honours BA in English, Linguistics and Philosophy (University of Toronto), as well as a Bachelor of Teaching (Southern Cross University, Australia). She writes for SLN and lives in Toronto with her family.