7 Classic Ways to Conquer the First Day of School

School is around the corner. No need for bloodcurdling screams; Canada’s Luckiest Student 3 is also around the corner. But as school is still coming, here are seven tips to survive your first day back. Abide them all!

1. Hide a security blanket in your backpack. If it worked in kindergarten, it’ll work now. Besides, everybody will be too creeped out to ask you about it.

2.  Fruit leather is a great way to break the ice. But make sure whoever you share it with promises to be your friend FOREVER. Have some legal documents prepared for this.

3.  Studies show that a new pencil case can increase your confidence up to 63%. Making up statistics can increase it 78%.

4.  Bring an Apple for your teacher or professor. iPad, iPhone… it’s up to you.

5.  Keep a stash of reward stickers in your wallet, and pull one out whenever you feel you deserve one. But be honest with yourself.

6.  Wear clothing. So you don’t inadvertently find yourself in a real-life version of that recurring dream you keep having.

7.  Relax. If you start to get stressed out about something, just remember what the ancient Greek poet Aeschylus said: “There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.”  … Wait, what?  That’s not uplifting at all. Way to ruin an otherwise helpful blog post, Aeschylus. Geez.

Photo courtesy: Avolore

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Alanna Schiffer

Alanna Schiffer

Alanna has an Honours BA in English, Linguistics and Philosophy (University of Toronto), as well as a Bachelor of Teaching (Southern Cross University, Australia). She writes for SLN and lives in Toronto with her family.