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5 Friendly Reminders to Be Kinder to Your Body

Written by Christine Rees

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Everybody has things they wish they could change about themselves. Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life. We are always changing and growing—getting older. It’s completely natural. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a bad mindset where you start to think negatively about your body. Here are some friendly reminders to consider when you’re feeling this way:

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Trust Your Body

Body size isn’t everything and being healthy is more than a clothing tag. Health is connected to how you feel in your skin and in your clothes. It’s about being comfortable with who you are

Additionally, if your body tells you something, it’s probably for good reason. So, listen to it! Determine the difference between feeling sore or a muscle feeling strained. This will help you learn your body’s boundaries and how far you can push yourself without injury, especially if you enjoy exercising. 

Water Is A Necessity

The body of a healthy female adult consists of 45% to 60% water storage. Drinking water can positively impact the way you feel and increase your energy level. As a result, water regulates your body temperature, assists with digestion, and allows organs to function. It’s important! For tips on drinking enough water, click here.

Sleep Longer

Nothing feels better than a solid night of sleep. Aim for those 8 hours! Your energy levels are higher and you’ll find that your skin glows when you get that quality sleep. 

You CANNOT Gain 5 Pounds Overnight

Your nightly meal would have to be a loaded 17,500 calories, which is not humanly possible in one sitting. Therefore, it’s totally fine to have that treat you’re craving. Healthy living includes a balanced diet and moderation is a small part of that. So, indulge away but balance it with healthy foods throughout the week!

Remember: You Care More

Until you complain about a part of yourself that bothers you, no one notices it. Everybody deals with their own imperfections but rarely do we go around trying to identify everyone else’s. Your second toe is longer than your big toe? WHO NOTICES THIS EXCEPT THE PERSON WHO HAS IT? 

In the end, if anyone makes you feel poorly about yourself, then they are not worth your time. Ditch them. 

Be nice to yourself. You’re living in the only body you’ll ever get. The best thing you can do is embrace your uniqueness and who you are as a person. 


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