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How To Hack Your Brain And Stop Procrastinating Already

Written by Student Life Network

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov

We need to stop procrastinating. As a college senior, I have been in school for almost two decades now. But, I still find myself completing my projects only at the very last minute (assuming I even complete them). Funnily, I am always optimistic about completing my tasks promptly on the first day I receive them. But, at the back of my mind, I know very well that the procrastination bug is going to tightly grip my neck till at least the night before the deadline.

kermit the frog on procrastinating

Beat Procrastination

After going through countless books on how to stop procrastinating (yes, I procrastinated reading them too…), I might have found one that will crack the code. I am not saying that you will turn into a proactive, project-completing junkie but it will definitely change how you navigate your thoughts. So give it a go!

dwight from the office, stop procrastinating

tapping head smartly

Break It Down Into Actionable Tasks

Tweaking words to transform a task into an actionable one takes practice. Turning a complicated task into smaller, straight-forward chunks is not easy to do. I am not perfect at doing it myself. But, understand that for any task, the simpler and easier-to-do it seems, the more likely you are to do it! So, you can stop procrastinating and get things done!


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