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Stylish People Are Wearing These Winter Trends, And We’re Obsessed

Written by Samantha Moss

Winter is upon us. Which means we can woefully put the PSLs behind us and begin drinking six-dollar peppermint-mocha lattes out of those festive red paper cups.

And much like the infinity scarves we’re all about to purchase, conversations about spiced-apple candles, Will Ferrell’s “ELF,” and that Christmas song that drives you insane (‘Wonderful Christmas Time’) will be circling around for the next three months. Sorry, Paul.

But as far as winter trends for fashion goes: Cozy knits. Corporate feels. All things denim. Whip it all together with some cream and cinnamon and you are good to go.

Here are some winter threads you may want to consider…

Plaid is Rad.

Much like our grades, the temperature tends to drop dramatically around mid-November. Stay warm and trendy in flannels, plaid jackets and plaid pants.


Two words. The Kardashians.



If you dabble in the snow-sports.

And for the men…

Plaid is still Rad.

Still warm.

Band-Tee’s Are Life

You can’t really go wrong with a little Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, am I right? Stay warm by pairing your classic band-tees with a puff or denim jacket.

 When it’s chilly.

Dress like Estelle’s vision of an ‘American Boy’ with a peacoat from Topman.


Wanna shop?

See what else is trending this season with Topshop Topman at Hudson’s Bay.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.