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SAY WHAT! Ontario to Cover Post-Secondary Tuition for Low Income Students

Written by Ryan Bolton

Talk about a bombshell.

The Ontario government just announced its 2016 Budget. And low-income students with the hopes of attending post-secondary are front of mind. To begin, families with an income under $50,000 will be receiving large grants to offset tuition costs. Middle-income families will be getting a break, too.

The Details

  • College students from low-income families will receive more than $2,768, which is said to be the average college tuition.
  • University students from low-income families will receive more than $6,160, which is said to be the average university tuition.
  • Some 50% of middle-income students (families grossing $83,000 or less) will be eligible for grants totalling their tuition costs.
  • Grants will depend on the student’s situation. Ie. do they live away from home, family size, family income, etc.
  • In total, the government has earmarked $1.3 billion in grants for 2017.

What This Means for Rest of the Country

Well, it’s a start. This move will definitely turn heads in other provinces. But Ontario isn’t the first. Earlier last year, Newfoundland and Labrador made headlines when they announced they would drop student loans in favour for non-repayable grants. These actions are a definite move in the right direction, but there are more questions to be asked. Like what about low income students that want to go into engineering, which has an annual tuition price-tag north of $10,000? The tuition freeze is to end when this comes into effect. What will that mean for overall cost of tuition for other students?

What SLNers Are Saying

We asked Ontario students to weigh in. Here’s what they had to say:


Have your say. What are your thoughts? Go to school outside of Ontario? Fire off in the comments.

Illustration by SLN’s Satesh Mistry.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.