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The Very First (Yet Invariably Awesome) SLN News Digest

Written by Phaedra Corrente

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a compendium of useful, student-related, or otherwise cool news right at your disposal? I mean, the happenings of the outside world aren’t limited to our Facebook feeds, and it’s not exactly efficient to scour a dozen blogs and news sources just to see their latest content.

So we did something about that.

Enter the SLN weekly, a weekly publication containing articles we thought were helpful, relevant, or just batshit crazy (and therefore worthy of mention).

We think you’ll really get a kick out of these stories, but if you feel that something’s missing, don’t hesitate to tell us—we want the digest to be as useful and non-lame as humanly possible.

Here’s the Best Stuff Coming to Netflix in January


“Are you pumped up on New Year’s resolutions you can’t wait to fulfill? Or are you just a little too hungover to think about that right now? Either way, we have something for you: a whole list of things coming to Netflix this month that you can watch.”

Resume Tips & Tricks For Recent College Graduates

Creative Market

“Congratulations, graduate! You’re ready to enter into your new career, undoubtedly excited and perhaps a little overwhelmed. One of the first orders of business is to polish your resume. It’s usually the first impression your make on potential employers, so it really needs to shine. Here are some resume tips and tricks to get you started

Why the Key to Happiness May Be Trying Things You Don’t Like


“If you want to get out of your slump, simplify your life, create a new career, start a new relationship, or try something you’ve never done before, simply do what you don’t want to do. You don’t have to be inspired or motivated, and you don’t have to want it right away.

A Canadian High School Student Was Suspended After Smoking Weed in a Rap Video


“The Newfoundland town of Grand Falls-Windsor isn’t known for producing many public figures outside of NHL players, but last week the town on the Eastern edge of Canada found itself in the news after a high school student was suspended for filming a rap video in which he smokes what appears to be marijuana on school property.”

Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life


“There’s no time like the present to grow or refine ourselves a little bit more, and few resources are as helpful as TED talks. In that vein, here are the top 10 TED talks we’ve featured on Lifehacker or that have been popular on TED.”

Strengthen your email writing with this Chrome extension

PC World

Just Not Sorry for Chrome prevents you from using weak statements like ‘I just…’ or ‘Sorry to tell you this…’ in your emails.”

Instead of Goals or Resolutions, Try Creating Rules


“I’m convinced that creating goals or resolutions is hardwired into us, because we can’t stop making them. Unfortunately, we’re not as equipped for making the goals come true, and the pattern most of us have seen is that we start a goal with optimism, only to be disappointed when we haven’t done much after the first week or so. I’d like to suggest that you try creating rules that will make your goals happen.

York University apologizes for accepting 500 students – by mistake

CBC News

“Zohaib Jailani didn’t hide his disappointment after he was told York University had accepted him as a student by mistake. ‘I hate university already :)’ he tweeted Tuesday. His tweet was ‘liked’ nearly 3,000 times as of Wednesday night.”

That’s the bulk of what we wanted to share with you guys this week, but we’re willing to bet that we didn’t catch a few things here and there. What have you read recently that’s worth sharing? Post some links in the comments below. We’ll check out every single one (for real).

With love,


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.