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The 10 Online Tools That Will Boost Your Learning Potential

Written by Jessica Millis

School is back in session. And with the emergence of powerful e-learning practices and educational technologies, students and teachers alike can enjoy tremendous options of online resources to enhance the school year. Young scholars now have the opportunity to blend conventional textbooks and lectures with interactive materials, and doing so can yield astounding educational benefits. However, students who have never relied on online tools and resources may have difficulties in choosing the right ones.

That is why I researched the top ten online educational resources to make the choice easier. You’re welcome, guys!

1. Academic Earth

This online project’s purpose is noble: providing world-class education to anyone who may be interested. The website offers a collection of open-source college courses from some of the most prestigious universities. Students are inspired to think, research, and discuss on this platform.

2. Focus@Will

The age of a learner is irrelevant when it comes to their attention span—it’s almost always shorter than needed. This tool helps everyone achieve better concentration by listening to instrumental music that has been scientifically remastered for focus enhancement.

3. Learn Out Loud

Students of all ages can appreciate Learn Out Loud. This website offers free access to its directory of over 5,000 educational talks, books, courses, interviews, speeches, and other types of materials. Users can browse through categories and easily find the resources they need.

4. Earn Dual Credit

Homeschoolers with college visions can benefit a lot from this website. Earn Dual Credit offers practical tips and lessons for college prep. The subjects include engineering, math, religion, and everything in between.

5. Latitude Learning

This is a free online library that includes over 70 courses that are absolutely free. The lectures are offered in short sessions that make even the most complex concepts comprehensive. The courses are provided in different categories: communication, career development, conflict management, entrepreneurship, management, sales, business math, and more.

6. Flashcard Machine

No matter how much technology we infuse into education, flashcards still remain one of the most effective methods for memorizing information. This tool enables learners and teachers to create web-based study cards that can easily be shared with other users.

7. Montgomery Educational Consulting

This blog is a great source of practical advice for students who are about to go to post-secondary. Montgomery Educational Consulting can help every student find the school that will best correlate with their interests, abilities, and aspirations.

8. Big Think

This website covers several significant, trending topics. The articles—and some are even penned by Bill Nye—seek to deeply impact the readers’ perspectives and have them think critically. Teachers can easily find discussion topics here, and students will be motivated to give life to their own ideas with Big Think.

9. Public Lectures and Events: Podcasts and Videos, LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science has a generous base of free online resources. Students’ educations can be enriched with podcasts and videos on a variety of topics, including economics, politics, history, social sciences, and more.

10. PowToon

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by video and presentation projects. Thanks to PowToon, students can create captivating, engaging, and useful videos without having to be experts in video editing.

These are just some of the online resources that facilitate learning and teaching. There’s so much to explore in the ever-growing EdTech industry, so add your favourite scholarly online resources in the comments below!

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.