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6 Must-Have Apps That Will Help Keep Your Cash in Check

Written by Lauren Marinigh

Whether you are terrible at saving money, find it hard to keep track of all those receipts, or aiming to pay off your student debt faster, these apps will help keep you on top of your cash.


Have you ever seen those tips and tricks on social media and on TV for saving money? Many of them include having envelopes or jars to keep track of how much money is being allocated to each key area of your life, like food, entertainment and rent.

GoodBudget uses this envelope system with their intuitive app. Set up your envelopes by setting a budget you’d like to spend in each designated area, record your spending (and income) and GoodBudget will keep a running total. This app is also ideal for those with irregular income. With the irregular option, it easily lets you track spending that isn’t routine, and that may fall outside of your envelopes.

Available for: iOS & Android

Price: Free


One of my favourite apps for keeping track of my own budget, you enter in your bank account information (securely) and Mint does the rest. Every time you spend money on say a latte, it will automatically categorize the item and remove the spent money off one of your preset budgets. It’s a real-time tracker that doesn’t require you to remember to always input your expenses as you go. On top of tracking your spending and outlining your set budget, Mint also analyzes your spending habits and pinpoints areas where you can save or that you consistently overspend on.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

Price: Free


This free app helps you reach your financial goals with ease. Pay bills, manage your budget, and plan ahead by using an envelope system similar to GoodBudget (mentioned above). When you sign-up for Mvelopes you will be asked to check off what goals are most important to you, whether that’s paying off your student debt, spending within your budget, planning for your future, or saving more money than you currently do. Create up to 25 different envelopes to help keep your spending on track and easily capture your spending in real-time. This app is also accessible through your computer, allowing you to access your expenses from anywhere.

Available for: iOS & Android

Price: Free (pro accounts available)


An easy-to-navigate interface that features only four key categories: SmartScan, Add Expense, Track Time and Track Distance, Expensify can assist with tracking costs, invoices and expenses. SmartScan lets you take a photo, categorize and tag receipts, which is a great option for those that want to or need to save receipts, but have a hard time keeping track of them. You can also manually add expenses with the “add expense” option. And two great options for freelancers or expense reports is tracking distance and tracking time. Add your debit and credit cards and voila, tracking expenses made easier!

Available for: iOS, Android & Windows

Price: Free

Mint Bills

If you find it hard to manage all your various bills, this is the app for you. All you do is set it up and it helps with the rest. If you are low on funds, or have an upcoming bill due, it will let you know. Mint Bills also allows you to make or schedule payments right from your phone. No more excuses for missing a due date, or forgetting your login information on all those different websites!

Available for: iOS & Android

Price: Free

CIBC Mobile Banking App

Our lead sponsor for this series also makes this list. This award-winning mobile banking app (that’s now available for the Apple Watch!) makes keeping track of your money and banking much easier. Pay bills, transfer funds, check your balance and deposit cheques all in one place. With this user-friendly app, you can deposit rent cheques from your roomie, or your birthday money from your grandmother by simply snapping a photo of your cheque. On top of that, you can use this app to locate nearby CIBC branches and bank machines, allowing you to easily avoid ABM fees on other bank machines. The CIBC banking app is accessible across multiple platforms, making it easier to bank where, when and how you want.

Available for: iOS, Android & BlackBerry

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Erica White

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