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The 8 Different People You Meet in University

Written by Hannah Daley

Everyone has their war stories to tell from their university days, and these people will probably be part of a few of yours.

The Attached One

Most people have boundaries. This person doesn’t. You met them through a mutual friend and now they’ve latched on to you. They’ll follow you to your classes and text you at least 30 times a day to make sure you’re OK.

The O-Week Friend

You meet them during the first week of freshman year when you know nobody else and you bond over your mutual loneliness. You hang out constantly before classes start and then never talk to them again. Until you’re doing a group project together and are reunited. Let the shenanigans begin (again).

The O-Week Crush

You see them on the quad during the welcome BBQ. You fall in love. Immediately. You plan your future together on the ten-second walk to say hi. You say hey and you both agree to hang out one day but that doesn’t happen. After school starts you see them on their way to class and dream about what could have been. You’ll eventually forget about them until you see them again three years later and they only got better looking.

The One That’s Always in Their Room

You have never seen the door to this student’s room open once. You’ve heard stories about them. They study 24/7. You thought it was just a myth until you tried to be their friend. You attempted to hang out with them once but you couldn’t get past the overwhelming need to study when near them and they couldn’t get over the fact that you didn’t want a sixth cup of coffee.

The One Who Doesn’t Care

You get stressed out just looking at this person. They barely ever do their work. When they do, it’s an hour before the deadline. You have no idea how they’re still holding on but use them as an example of what not to do. You wish you could motivate them but they like their method. Plus, they’re the best at the “you just got a bad grade, so what?” pep talks. Trust me.

The Wannabe Professor

In high school there was that kid who seemed to do everything right and was adored by teachers. Now you get to deal with that person who constantly corrects the professor. You pretended not to care at first but concentrating on notes is hard when you’re openly trying to end someone with your death-glare.

The Homesick One

While everyone else got over missing his or her parents in the first couple weeks, this person just can’t let go. Being around them makes you miss your pet. Trying to hang out with them usually ends in tears or long-lasting phone calls home.

Your Best Friend

They could be from a class, your residence, the mess hall or on the street corner. No matter how you met them, you guys stick together and are BFFs all the way through university. You may end up being roommates; you may end up being their maid of honour/best man later on. Not every friendship makes it through university, but you guys are pretty confident that this one will.

What student are you? Did we miss any? Add yours below.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.