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Single and Proud: 10 Ways to Get Over Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Written by Kevin McGovern

Valentine’s Day has a special ability to make single people feel terrible about themselves.

There’s a fabricated pressure we feel to couple up. It’s like the world turns into a gross rom-com for a day, and instead of the leading role, you’re stuck playing the “funny best friend.”

But fear not. To defeat this uninvited social anxiety, we’ve come up with 10 fixes that will have you feeling just fine being single on Valentine’s Day. “Because, being single is greeeeeeeat,” says the funny, compassionate best friend.

Say “Screw it” and have a Friends Netflix marathon

The entire Friends series is on Netflix. That’s a thing. Seriously, what are you even doing reading this right now? Grab your comfy pants and you’ll forget it’s Valentine’s Day in no time.

Avoid Facebook at all costs

Facebook. If you go there, only pain will you find. And you know, gross, over-the-top romantic status updates from people whose friendships you’re now reconsidering. There will also be a gratuitous amount of heart and kiss emoticons. So, avoid.

Get your party on

Staying in alone can mess with your brain, so round up some single friends and hit the town. Bro-entine’s Day and Galentine’s day are totally a thing now. So party, have a good time and make a celebration out of it. Chances are you’ll probably be having a better time than your couple friends.

Get a tattoo

Not only is getting a tattoo on Valentine’s Day super metal, but all that physical pain should easily help you forget about any emotional angst you have. It should be pretty affordable as well with all the money that you’re saving by not getting your hypothetical significant other some perishable gift. Roses die, but tattooed roses are forever.

“Shake it Off” with T. Swift

If she’s able to make Kanye smile, she’ll make you smile.

Look good

For real. Turn up. Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean you should let it all go. On the contrary, put your best foot forward and make everyone wonder how in the world you’re single. Beyond all that, just remember: Look good. Feel good.

Treat yo’ self

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is basically second Christmas. Except you’ll definitely get what you want, because you’re buying it for yourself. The sales on everything this time of year are ridiculous. So whether it’s a new wardrobe, bazillion cupcakes, video game system or spa treatment, do what your couple friends can’t afford to and treat yo’ self.

Don’t go on an Anti-Valentine’s Day rant

“Valentine’s Day is just some stupid corporate holiday invented by Hallmark to sell more greeting cards to conformist breeders,” roughly translates to, “Oh god, I am so lonely, somebody please love me.” Don’t be that person.

Don’t hook up with that person you probably shouldn’t

Desperation does crazy things to people. Have you ever seen a bar at 2:20 a.m., when everybody is just making a mad scramble to hook up with somebody? It’s a sad sight, filled with decisions you know those people are going to regret. Keep calm.

Ask out the person that you totally should

You know that friend you have? And you guys are both single on Valentine’s Day and not doing anything? Ask them out, stupid. Even if it’s just as friends. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just hang out and enjoy the night together. You never know, there might just be something there after all.

Help a single SLNer out and share your tips.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.