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8 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Travel Abroad

Written by Libby Shabada

Parents are the best. They brought us into this world and have cared for us since. So it may be a little hard for them to accept their “pride and joy” going off on their own in this big, scary world.

Reading Week is quickly approaching. You want to travel. Your parents aren’t too keen about that. Note: travelling with a tour group may be the most “parent-friendly” option, but that’s your choice to make.

Here’s a list of some key selling points (just try to break it easy to them):

1. Travelling is culturally enriching and educational.

Learning about the local way of life, trying the cuisine, visiting historical sites, and seeing untouched natural landscapes are all great ways to broaden your perspective. Being culturally sensitive is just another reason for your parents to brag about you to their friends.

2. There will be someone to look out for you.

Whether it’s a trusty local, fellow tourist, or your guide. Travelling with a tour group is especially safe because you will be with your group and guide the whole time. These people will become your new BFFs for the duration of your trip and have your back.

3. Yes, you’ll be able to communicate.

You may not know the local language, but your guide will! Although you are definitely still encouraged to learn basic phrases (part of the fun of traveling!), your guide will handle the majority of the crucial communication so you’re ok to just smile and nod awkwardly.

4. Research = Impressing your parents.

Know what vaccines you’ll need (if any), the local currency, time-zones, any travel advisories, etc. They will realize you are serious and care enough to put in the effort and may ease off the parental authority throttle a bit.

5. Start saving money. Right now.

Moms and dads love to pull the, “where are you going to get money for that?” card. Start a travelling fund and show them you are responsible and mean business! Maybe they will even help you out a bit.

6. Rule No. 1: Safety. It’s all about safety.

Travel companies know what’s up. They will cancel trips to suddenly unsafe destinations and will definitely not put tourists in any risky situations. They can even plan transfers and off-itinerary hotel stays. No fear, parents!

7. You’re no longer 8-years-old.

Gently inform your parents that you are a grown-up and need to pave your own path, which may mean being far away from dear ol’ mom and dad for a bit. You are their little angel and always will be. Just now you are going to make rad adult decisions, like travelling!

8. You love them. You’ll still love them when you’re on a beach in Thailand.

Lastly, tell your parents how much you love and respect them. Just please, message your worried parents often while you’re away, ok?

Now go get those bags packed.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.