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Surviving the Winter Woes According to a Student Living in Manitoba

Written by Alexa Hildebrandt

Surviving “the winter woes” is more than staying atop of the frozen ground and the frigid temperatures. It is preparing your mind for constant flurries and a seemingly endless tunnel of grey days. But it’s not all bad. We’re Canadian after all. Here are 4 ways to not just survive winter, but also kind of enjoy it…   

Living in a Snow Globe

As a B.C. born, lover of mild weather and all things warm, I was unprepared for my first winter in Winnipeg. So my tactic this winter is to seek out the beauty that is unique to the region, such as the super sparkly snow, and muster up immense appreciation for it. B.C’s winter confetti is less akin to a party and more similar to frozen rain. What Winnipeg wears throughout the winter puts Liberace to shame. The snow swirls and sparkles on the ground as it whips past your face at lightning speeds leaving just a glitter to saunter to the ground.

What Winnipeg wears throughout the winter puts Liberace to shame.

Even if your snow doesn’t sparkle but simply [insert adjective] floats/whips/drops down, it still can inspire a little nostalgia or create the perfect background for perfectly magical winter kisses, or a romantic walk to clear your head from hitting the books.

Lace Up Those Skates

Another opportunity to find comfort in the Winter-peg climate is forcing your frozen feet into some skates and promenading down your river of choice. To make the experience tolerable, warming huts are positioned strategically down the trail. These skating trails were the best discovery for me last year. My whole life up until then felt like a sham as I remembered skating around arenas like a hamster on a wheel. In Winnipeg, it is possible to skate on new terrain for what seems like hours! If your city isn’t quite fortunate to have skating trails, but perhaps a pond or rink, grab some friends, heat up some hot chocolate and challenge each other to a figure skate-off. The less experience the better.

Enjoy the Winter Circus

We have all been there when things are going well, you look good, feel goodyou are riding high. And then WHAM! Life decides to take us down a peg. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that we all go through this, and under the right circumstances, it can be kind of funny. Winter transforms each day into the circus, balancing on slick ice, dodging snowballs, or (where applicable) having your makeup smudge until you resemble a sad, soaked clown. It’s okay, we all go through it. But instead of resenting these moments, which is often the easier choice, let’s laugh at them. And just throw a snowball back.

Add a Little Baileys

Spice up a staple: Hot chocolate and your favourite add-on… Need I say more? No need to justify anything, this should be part of the winter dress code! Warm up at night and be ready to take on the world with a lil Baileys in your cup.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.