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Student Life Network Spotlight: Pascale Taillefer

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Pascale Taillefer won a Tremblant Snow Jam weekend prize pack from Campus Vacations.

Pascale Taillefer is our latest flash contest winner, winning a Tremblant weekend prize package that included accommodations, weekend lift pass and access to SnowJam for 2 people courtesy of our friends at Campus Vacations.

SLN: How was the weekend?

PT: The weekend was great! I love skiing, and Mont Tremblant is relatively close to my home.

SLN: Great! Glad you enjoyed it. How did you hear about the contest?

PT: I saw it on Facebook.

SLN: What would winning Canada’s Luckiest Student mean to you? What would it allow you to do?

PT: It would allow me to be more active in my community and volunteer more, since I would not have to worry about money. And it would also fulfill my dream of travelling Europe.

SLN: What other things would you like to see in the CLS contest?

PT: Maybe the winner will have money awarded to his/her school, or student council to improve campus life.

SLN: I really like that idea! Maybe we can make it happen. How about a concert artist – if we were to give you tickets to any concert of your choice, what would it be?

BDBon Jovi!

SLN: Very cool, we’ll see what we can do! Thanks Pascale, I’m glad you had fun at Tremblant.


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