The Better Way to Organize Your Subscriptions

Try Butter and find out what your subscriptions can get you every month.

Who doesn’t love butter? If only everything was so smooth and delicious. This new subscription-organizing platform might not be as tasty, but it will make everything easier to keep track of.

Whether you’re watching Netflix, listening to Spotify, playing Xbox Live, getting makeup from Birchbox, receiving deliveries from Amazon Prime, or any other number of things, chances are you’re probably paying a monthly fee for something in your life (or you’ve got really awesome parents). That’s what Butter is here for.

For starters, it’s an organizer’s dream. Stop scrolling through your phone to individual apps to keep track of all your accounts. Now, you can see them all from one easy hub with Butter and link out to them for easy access. If you’ve ever checked out Canada’s Luckiest Student, you know that SLN is all about a well-designed dashboard to keep everything in one place.

Moreover, Butter is a great way for you to save money by doing literally nothing. That’s right, you don’t have to change what you’re getting or how you’re getting it, and you could even make a couple extra bucks. With 1% cashback on each subscription you load, that could potentially start adding up.

Plus it’s great to spread on toast. Oh wait, sorry, wrong butter.

So keep watching your shows and listening to your music, just set it and forget it. Before you know it, you could be getting some exclusive offers and cashback. And the whole thing is completely free thanks to the former Kijiji and RedFlagDeals guys who founded it and cut a deal with the merchants so they wouldn’t have to charge you.

The little stuff adds up and Butter is a cool new way for you to catalogue your subscriptions AND get something in return.

Have you got subscriptions for everything?

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Connor Briggs-Morris

Connor Briggs-Morris

Connor Briggs-Morris is a copywriter for Student Life Network. He loves all things Batman and can’t deal with walking behind slow people.