Students Save Money on Everyday Purchases With AIR MILES Cards

Getting an AIR MILES card means more than just travel rewards. Students can use an AIR MILES card to save on groceries, gas and at pharmacies.

Actually, though.

Get yours today for your chance to win $10,000 in Grocery and Gas Cards.

Good reasons to get your AIR MILES card today:

→ AIR MILES cards are free (like, always free), and earn you free rewards—for free

→ AIR MILES Cash Miles allow you redeem instantly at the checkout towards purchases at participating grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.

→ It’s not a credit card. It doesn’t impact your credit score and you don’t need to be approved to get one.

→ You can get an AIR MILES Collector Number in 45 seconds. Go ahead. Try it.

→ You get a chance to win $10,000 in Gas and Groceries Gift cards when you enter our AIR MILES bonus contest. Did we mention that already?

Because this contest asks you to sign up for an AIR MILES card, your odds are better than our “anyone can enter” contests. Some people just can’t spare that 45 seconds.

As a bonus you’ll also get 50 extra entries in Canada’s Luckiest Student as soon as you do. That’s way more chances to win $100,000 in prizes designed to make student life less stressful, more awesome.

Not a student anymore? No problem! This $10,000 giveaway is open to any SLN member, regardless of your school status.

All you need is an AIR MILES Collector Number to enter and start saving on your everyday purchases.

Don’t snooze! Some things last forever. This offer won’t.

Enter for Your Chance to Win $10,000 in Grocery and Gas Gift Cards




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Kevin McGovern

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