BREAKING: 25,700 Ontario Students Have Dropped Out

Queen’s Park reporters have confirmed that 10.3% of full-time Ontario students have dropped out following the 5-week college faculty strike.

That puts the rough figure at about 25,700 full-time students, who have dropped out and applied for tuition refunds.

What happened?

After the gruelling five-week long college faculty strike, students had to decided whether or not to drop out and be eligible for a tuition refund.

They were given two weeks.

And it seems like an overwhelming number of students took the government, and their schools, up on the offer.

What was refunded?

Fall semester tuition was refunded in every case.

However, some schools cited certain line items as nonrefundable, such as health plan fees, program supply fees and textbooks.

Additionally, some schools waived deposit fees for students re-enrolling for winter programs.

Called it.

CBC foreboded this stat last week.

They reported that 1,890 Fanshawe students withdrew after the Ontario colleges strike.

Centennial College had 1,528 students withdraw from the college during the fall semester.

What now?

If you missed the two-week deadline to drop out, you are no longer eligible for a tuition refund.

For those who did decide to drop out, you may have to eat some additional costs apart from the cost of your tuition.

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Chris D’Alessandro

Chris D’Alessandro

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