Exclusive International Student Contest: Win a Trip Anywhere in Canada!

Are you an international student looking to explore your new digs? You and your BFF could win a trip anywhere in Canada through our new contest!

First things first: Welcome to Canada!

Second things second: We surveyed international students across the country to find out what they wanted to win most.

A year supply of maple syrup? Nope.

A trip back home? Nope.

A chance to explore Canada? Nailed it!

So, that’s what we’re doing! If you’re an international student, you can win a trip for you and a friend to travel ANYWHERE IN CANADA. Yes, you read that right.

Whether you want to climb the Rockies in Banff, go dog sledding in Quebec, snap Insta pics of the Northern Lights in the Yukon or kiss a cod fish in Newfoundland (it’s this weird thing called being “screeched-in”…seriously, look it up), this contest will get you there.

I want to explore!

P.S. International students also told us they wanted to win money to help with the ridiculously high tuition they have to pay. We launched our first-ever international student scholarship. Enter here for a chance to win $2,000!

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Laura DaSilva

Laura DaSilva

Laura DaSilva is SLN's resident question asker. She specializes in singing really loud in her room, blurting out cringeworthy puns, and finding interesting people doing interesting things. She is also mildly obsessed with Michael Jackson.