Exclusive WEEKND Collection: Student Life Network Members Get a Discount

Student Life Network members can grab a 10% discount on the exclusive WEEKND x FUTURA Toronto collection through Nomad stores, using a code included in this blog.

Earlier this year, Toronto artist, The Weeknd launched an exclusive collection with infamous street artist Futura 2000.

Fashion-savvy peeps call this a ‘capsule collection’. It was released as a way to commemorate the 2017 Starboy Legend of The Fall World Tour. The collection was rolled out in three, city-specific phases, with Los Angeles and New York lines in the US, and the Toronto exclusive line available in Canada. Each line is only available at one hand-selected boutique retailer in each city.

In Toronto, it’s Nomad that’s got the goods.

Nomad carries a few other brands loved by our audience like, Vans and Adidas. So we here at Student Life Network thought we’d try to snag a little deal for our members.

You know, just one of those things that make back-to-school suck less.

The design and branding of the clothes all play on The Weeknd’s iconography and feature a reimagined version of the XO brand logo, as well as Starboy album lyrics. Available through Nomad are both long and short sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, dad hats and of course, bomber jackets.

Get 10% Off Your Nomad Purchase 

Use the code: SLNWEEKND10

Chris D’Alessandro

Chris D’Alessandro

Chris D’Alessandro is the Communications Manager at Student Life Network. He puts words together in fancy ways and has more cover-up tattoos than he'd care to admit.