“Please Dudes, No Awful Rompers.” Here’s How to Stick with Jeans

This summer, men’s fashion once again revisits the reign of 90’s streetwear with looks we thought we’d never see again.

Fanny packs, camo-prints and aggressive short-shorts are all back and as dubious as ever.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the ambivalent “all-in-ones” that have been introduced to the fashion sphere this season. PSA: the “RompHim” is an unfortunate reality that needs to not be a thing. Like, ever.

I must admit, however, that the fashion-gods of couture have always been very successful at keeping things interesting by disrupting the status-quo.

One trend that is particularly interesting this season is denim and all of its nuances. There have been a plethora of Gucci-inspired embroidered jeans and denim jackets for both men and women. We’ve also seen a lot of raw edged jeans, and for men specifically, the return of the cropped pants.

Lets be real, denim fads might come and go like seasons but jeans are one of the few staple pieces that will never not be in style.

With 8 essential fits from Skinny and Slim to Straight and their new Wide-Leg, Topman has your favourite  jeans. You can thank them later.

Stay on trend with Topman’s Wide-Leg Crop jeans. It’s a look you’d think would require superhuman confidence to pull-off, but we love it!

If ‘Wide-Leg’ jeans aren’t your thing, try out a mid-rise fit with a straight leg. The ‘Standard‘ now comes with a raw hem for a naturally worn look.

And no, cutting the hems off your out-dated high school jeans is not the same thing.

For the bold, check out some other pants like the Acid Wash Ripped Tapered Jeans.

For a different look altogether, Topman has some awesome skinny jeans like the Stretch Skinny Jeans and the Washed Stretch Tapered Fit Jeans.

Disclaimer: with jeans any tighter than these you might end up like Ross with his leather pants crisis.

See Friends, Netflix. Epp. “The One With All The Resolutions.”

Wanna shop?

See what else is trending this season with Topman at Hudson’s Bay.

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Samantha Moss

Samantha Moss

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