How to Win the Ultimate VR Experience in Toronto

+ Your chance to win a Google Daydream View VR Headset

I was going to start this blog off by painting you a picture of what it’s like to experience an HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset.

There were many, many words, waxing poetic about the HTC Vive  total immersion experience; how you’re no longer married to a screen—the world appears around you, how your familiar game controllers become your hands and how surround sound completes the sensory experience.

I was going to go on and on about how VR feels like it is very much the future of gaming.

But instead I’m just going to talk about the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Which, I wanted to be everything I just described above when I was five-years-old.

A long, long time ago in the far off year of 1995, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy—a VR headset which, at the time, promised to be the future of video gaming; a totally immersive VR experience.  Five-year-old me couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

But what the Virtual Boy actually turned out to be was a big, ugly hunk of red plastic that destroyed your neck and throttled your eyes. You basically had to sit or kneel to use it. The games were terrible and the displays were these super primitive LCD “3D” screens that never quite worked how they were intended (it was terrible. Google it sometime).

However, VR has come a long, long way since 1995. The experience is exactly like how I wished it would be when I was 5-years-old. It works like how you think it works. How you dreamed it would work. And it’s nothing like how VR was in 1990s.

The only problem is that investing in a personal HTC Vive  headset is expensive. Not to mention needing the physical space to really enjoy it.

That’s why VRPlayin exists. Think of it as an ultimate virtual reality experience centre, not your old school arcade.. Where you and your friends friend scan play games, watch movies and even create art, no prior experience needed.

The SLN team was intrigued by all this so we took some time out of our busy day to go check out what HTC Vive  VR experience is actually like.

We spent our afternoon slaying orcs, shooting robots, visiting art galleries and climbing epic mountains. Our jobs are pretty rough, we know.

We had a blast. It’s an insanely fun experience. And it’s something we want to pass along to our community. So with that said…


Your Chance to Win the Ultimate VR Experience

Okay, here’s what we’re giving away:

1) 15 hours of VR at VRplayin experience centre ($500+ value).

You can use them all for yourself, or bring 15 friends for a one hour session, or five friends for three hours each. Your call.

2) A Google Daydream View VR Headset

Like an HTC vive , but for apps. This prize is dependent on your phone being compatible with the Daydream—but if it’s not we’ll find some other way to make awesomeness happen for you.

3 You’ll automatically receive a voucher for 20% off  VRPlayin just for entering our contest!


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Chris D’Alessandro

Chris D’Alessandro

Chris D’Alessandro is the Communications Manager at Student Life Network. He puts words together in fancy ways and has more cover-up tattoos than he'd care to admit.