Here’s Our Exclusive Prom Shoot With 7 Lucky SLN’ers

HBC is the destination for your prom look in 2016 — dresses, shoes, make-up, you name it.

Which is why we gave 7 SLN’ers a Hudson’s Bay Prom Shop all to themselves, and the opportunity to pick out their prom look.

Watch lucky SLN’ers score the ultimate prom experience

What they didn’t know was that we were going to hook them up with a professional photoshoot as well.

Surprises. We’re really sweet at them.

We also fully acknowledge that we may have stirred up some envy, so if you want to steal the style, hit up HBC’s Prom Shop.

Here’s the good news, we’re not done with hooking up awesome prizes from HBC just yet! Your next selfie could win you a $500 HBC Gift Card and MAC make-up session for prom! Just click the hashtag below!


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Kat Lourenco

Kat Lourenco

Kat Lourenco is a Laurier-alumni turned writer and Pilates instructor. She lives in Toronto with her tiny lion, Mr. Business.