Dogs, Mario and A Lot of Bald Heads: Some of Our Favourite NoHairSelfie Transformations

Come World Cancer Day (Feb. 4), you’re going to see a lot more bald heads around. Including SLN’s Co-founder, Steve, who is raising $1,000 for cancer research with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Remember, SLNers have an exclusive opportunity to win $5,000 for their fundraising efforts. Get moving! Or, I guess, get shaving!

One of the best parts of #NoHairSelfie are the bald transformations using the app. Some are just gold. Some are hilarious. Some are, um, cats.

Here are a collection of some of the best #NoHairSelfie transformations. And some that just made us laugh.

#NoHairSelfie Pros: Hall of Fame

Testing, Testing… Is This Thing On?

Miscellaneous: Pets, Mario and a Stuffed Hamster?

Let’s see what you got, SLNers. Create your fundraising page and let’s see your #NoHairSelfie transformation.

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Kevin McGovern

Kevin McGovern

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