How Peter Almost Single-Handedly Shut Down the Advance Screening Club

Let me set the scene for you.

Last night, the Student Life Network took over 2,000 students to the movies as part of Advance Screening Club. Unfortunately, we also invited my brother Peter.

Because the Advance Screening Club gets to see movies before anyone else, it comes with some rules. SLN’s rules are pretty simple: only accept tickets if you’re going to show up, show up on time, tell us what you thought about the movie. Nice and easy, right?

The movie studios have their own rules, though, and chief among them is: Absolutely no pictures or video under any circumstances.

So last night, we settle into our seats at the swanky VIP theatre in Toronto after working a week of 12 hour days to make sure everyone who wanted passes for the show got passes. I was exhausted. I decided to close my eyes until the movie started.

Peter thought it would be hilarious to snap a picture of me sleeping on the job.

Before I could even blink, Pete’s being ripped out of his seat by a movie SWAT team.

Before I could even blink, Pete’s being ripped out of his seat by a movie SWAT team. He’s escorted into the hall and given the chance to explain himself to Olga, the sweet (but very intimidating) security guard who asked to see his pictures.

Any sane person would simply show Olga the pictures and clear up the misunderstanding, but Peter thought a better course of action would be to joke about the likelihood of her seeing certain kinds of inappropriate pics if she scrolled too far. Olga didn’t find that funny.

Clearer heads prevailed and, once Peter stopped being Peter, Olga realized he wasn’t secretly streaming the movie to his 4 Twitter followers.

Peter was allowed to return to his seat with a stern warning about copyright and another letter in his permanent file.

This is my life.

Photo by Duffman

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Kevin McGovern

Kevin McGovern

I work at SLN. I told my bosses not to hire Peter.