Toronto Students, Come Hang with Us at the Student Life Expo

When I get anxious about the future, I start to clean. When I was trying to choose my major in university, my sock drawer mysteriously became super organized. But you know what’s slightly more productive than sock-sorting? Going to the Student Life Expo this weekend at the Toronto Convention Centre. Because we like you, here’s a heads-up: if you sign-up online now, you can save the $5 admission fee.

Come hang out at the SLN booth and meet some of the perfectly normal human individuals who work here. Because we are definitely real and not holographic simulations.* At all.

Not only is it a fun way to spend a day, meandering around with a buddy and enjoying freebies (so many freebies), but you’ll get answers to questions about the university and college programs you’re thinking of applying to, and information on programs you didn’t even know existed (but are now thinking of applying to because… yeah, you could do that)!

If the options for your future seem overwhelming, the Student Life Expo can help narrow them down. If the options seem few and far between, the Expo can help you broaden your horizons. Find out about scholarships, skilled trade programs, travel abroad opportunities, and student contests (*cough* Canada’s Luckiest Student *cough*).

See you guys this weekend.

*We can’t confirm this for Peter.

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.
Alanna Schiffer

Alanna Schiffer

Alanna has an Honours BA in English, Linguistics and Philosophy (University of Toronto), as well as a Bachelor of Teaching (Southern Cross University, Australia). She writes for SLN and lives in Toronto with her family.